Zone IP Network

Mid-Level Bundle WIFI Mesh



  • PoE Switch 8 ports (1)
  • Access Points WIFI 6 (3)
  • Cloud Licensing $6.99 *monthly fee
  • Close Frame Rack 6U with 2 Shelf Rack (1)
  • Source Protector (1)
  • UPS Battery Back up (1)
  • CAT 6 Cable


Experience seamless connectivity and advanced technology integration tailored for homes ranging from 2200 to 2800 square feet with our cutting-edge IT solutions. The first two access points ensure comprehensive coverage throughout your living space. Take control with the option to enhance signal strength in your garage or backyard using our booster technology.

Our 8-port PoE switch, supporting up to 10GB, allows you to effortlessly connect and power your existing or additional surveillance cameras. Safeguard your technological investments with our source protector and UPS battery backup, ensuring uninterrupted service in any situation.

For a sleek and organized setup, all these devices are elegantly installed in a compact 6U rack attached to your wall. Elevate your home’s connectivity and security with our tailored IT solutions – because your peace of mind matters. Contact us now to transform your home into a smart haven!


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